Metroshuttle is a free shuttle bus service operating in Manchester, connecting five rail stations with retail and leisure destinations in the city centre on three routes.
In 2009-10 a fleet of new diesel-electric hybrid vehicles were bought by GMPTE (now TfGM) and this allowed the opportunity to rebrand the service, to riase public awareness and make the services an iconic part of the Manchester street scene. The three routes were colour-coded (orange: route 1, green: route 2, purple: route 3) and these colours were made fresher and more prominent on vehicles, stops and passenger information. A consistent visual identity was applied using a characterful type family and circular graphic devices. 
The emphasis was on a vibrant livery with a touch of quality that would attract locals and visitors to use the service even if they didn't normally use buses and to make it clear the service was free of charge.
After the rebranding in 2012 the popularity of the service has continued to grow and extra all-electric vehicles have been ordered to add to the fleet. 
The Metroshuttle brand family has been extended to Bolton and Stockport town centre, each with their own local colour scheme. 
Photography © TfGM/Lesley Chalmers
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